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Party/Event Platter with Make-Your-Own Favor Bags - Special Order

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Barbara's Party/Event Platter with Make-Your-Own Favor Bags. These are large-sized/jumbo platters for events, parties or offices that are abundantly filled with our best confections: our own assorted premium cookies, chocolate pretzels with toppings & chocolate candies beautifully arranged on a heavy-duty catering tray with pop-off lid. Some of the treats are foil-wrapped with your custom message, logo, text, graphic, photos. Plus, we supply empty favor bags with your custom message on the outside and ribbon. Cookie Assortment: We offer the following treats for the platters (you can have all as assorted or choose your own assortment from this list): chocolate Oreo cookies, chocolate grahams, assorted biscotti, our famous butter cookies, shortbread cookies, assorted macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, cranberry cookies, petit fours, chocolate pretzels with many different toppings available and delicious premium chocolate candies. A divine assortment, truly!

The concept is you offer beautiful platters with unfilled, attractive bags & ribbon with your custom theme on the bag around/ near the platters so guests fill their take-home favor bags with the treats they want. Guests love it! It's really popular as a low cost, more exciting alternative to making individual favor bags. This way, your guests choose the treats they want!

Think about what's best for your venue: a jumbo platter on a table when guests leave or smaller platters on each table. Whatever you choose, your guests will love making their own treats as a memory of your party/event for the ride home. This is one of our best-selling offerings and customers give us raves. These are great for offices, business-to-business gifts and client gifts. Each promises to be spectacular.

Your Custom Themed Messages: Cookie Talk is unique to Barbara's and it means some of the cookies on the platter can have your messages, logos or photos on them. The number of messages depends on the size of the platter but ranges from 12 different messages/ graphics/ 24 cookies with those custom messages. You also receive a custom label on the outside of the platter. We work hard to make these platters special, unique & memorable. Just tell us what you want and we'll do the rest. Have fun designing your own platter. Be Creative! It will look awesome.

This cookie assortment is only available on catering trays with ribbons. The cookies are shrink-wrapped on the base.  with ribbon. A custom label that says anything you want is on the top of the tray. We can also customize the platter to specific cookies on request. Each platter is made fresh and meticulously presented so you know you are giving the best assortment of treats. We use real chocolate and gourmet ingredients. Perfect for events & parties, showers, receptions, as a gift, a client gift, meeting treats for any occasion. Taste the love that is uniquely Barbara’s …and enjoy. Ships nationwide.

We can modify the tray with smaller cookies to yield larger quantities per tray on request

  • 5 lbs. (about 100 treats) - 20 favor bags  - 20 custom messages
  • 8 lbs. (about 160 treats) -  35 favor bags - 30 custom messages

We recommend giving each guest 5+ cookies/treats to fill their favor bag. Pricing includes the cookies/treats on catering tray, custom messages, your color choice, favor bags with pre-cut ribbon and custom messages on the bags.

Barb can guide you to make this a smashing hit for your event. Call Barb 732.995.0497 or email her direct at . If you are ready, call Barb to plan your custom messages or graphics.

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