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About Us

Barbara remembers the sensory delight and excitement of helping her Mom and Nana (both also named Barbara) create home-made, hand pressed, hand-decorated cookies and then packaging them in gift tins for family and friends. Through the years, Barbara came to realize that Mom’s and Nana’s special little secrets for preparing dough and crafting butter cookies created a unique flavor and texture that still has not been duplicated commercially.

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Personalized Cookies for Every Reason

What do you get when you spend years developing deliciously unique edible gifts?
When you demand every ingredient meets the highest standards of quality? When you bake each individual cookie with care? You get Barbara’s Cookie Pies, specialty cookies and edible delights for all of life’s celebrations.

Sparked by the popularity of our now famous cookie pie, our national cookie business specializes in tasty edible gifts for parties, weddings, businesses and more – but our commitment to personalized cookies and treats means we specialize in you. Whether you’d like to say thanks to your employees with cookie gift baskets or leave party guests with a tasty reminder of the fun you shared, Barbara’s makes your special occasion a little sweeter!

Send A Smile With Specialty Cookies And Sweet Treats

Make Barbara’s homemade cookie pie and cookie trays distinctly yours with personalized colors,
photos, monograms, hashtags, dates and messages. Need us to take away the guesswork? Our stock of creative creations is sure to delight! No matter which of our personalized cookies and treats we cook up, the freshness lasts… and the memories last even longer!

Contact us today at 732-995-0497
to learn more about our edible gifts.