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Sympathy/ Shiva

Sympathy Gift Baskets

When someone you know has experienced a loss, it’s common to want to reach out in some way. Sending condolences with Barbara’s Cookie Pies is the tasteful way to show you care. If you don’t live near the person or cannot offer your time to send encouragement or sit shiva, sending a sympathy care package or a shiva basket can remind them that you’re there – and that you care.

Personalized Bereavement Gifts Show You Care

Sympathy gift baskets or fruit baskets with cheese and crackers are commonly sent to loved ones who have experienced a loss. But at Barbara’s, we make it a little more special. Our custom cookie gifts and baked treats offer a personal touch that can truly make a difference during a difficult time. When they see your thoughtful message or image that comes along with our tasty creations, chances are you’ll have succeeded in bringing a smile to their face. And that’s what sending condolences is all about.

No matter who the sympathy care package is for, we offer sympathy gifts for loss of mother, a shiva basket, condolences for loss of father and everything in between. Perhaps one of the ultimate comfort foods, our cookies and baked goods are the perfect choice for a grieving family or for a memorial service.

Contact us today at 732-995-0497 to see how our personalized bereavement gifts can provide a little comfort when it’s needed most.  

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