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Fruit & Nut Filled Kolachi Cookies

Barbara's is very proud to offer home-made, genuine butter-made Kolachi cookies. Yay! Promising to become a best-seller, this pastry is a delicious, tender, melt-in-your-mouth sweet cream butter cookie filled with a sweet ground walnut or fruit filling. We offer Walnut, Apricot and Raspberry filled or an Assortment of all three fillings - all are sure to become your favorite!

These highly addictive confections are an Eastern European delicacy traditionally known as a Kolachi cookie. Depending upon the geographic area, it's also known as Kolacky, Kolachy, Kolaczki, Kifli, Kifle, Kieflie, Kipfel, Kifla or Keeflie (as well as few others.) The cookies are made the way previous generations made them and are devoured by those who are lucky enough to taste them. Since they are hand-made, the Kolachi cookie can vary in length but are approximately 3" long. Made in small batches with butter and filled with fine, fresh ingredients, they have a delicate & tender texture and melt in your mouth. These confections are really something special & we are so proud to offer them to you! While we know you will want to treat yourself to these, they make a thoughtful gift perfect for any occasion. These artisan cookies won't disappoint anyone, at any age. A great business-to-business gift as these truly make an elegant, delicious gift and reflect proudly upon the giver. These can be frozen for 6 months for optimal freshness.