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Get Well

Make Their Bad Days Better

From cold hospital stays to difficult days hobbling with a nagging injury, when we’re not feeling well, it’s nice to get a little something from someone to brighten the day. Sending get well soon gift baskets filled with cookies and treats could be just what the doctor ordered!  If you’d like to convey your warm wishes for a speedy recovery to a friend, family member or loved one, get well cookies are for you!

Get Well Baskets for Kids and Adults

Nothing cheers us up more when we’re not feeling well than a little pick-me-up from someone who cares. Whether you’re looking for a surgery gift basket, get well soon gifts or cookie gift ideas to help someone feel a little better, Barbara’s can be right there. Our extensive array of personalized cookie gifts provides the perfect option for anyone looking for get well baskets for kids or adults. Because you can include your own message or image right on the cookie or with the packaging, our get well cookies give you the perfect opportunity to inspire a smile through the suffering.

From our famous cookie pie to our stock of delicious creative creations, we have something for everyone feeling down and out. Best of all, our get well soon gift baskets can be delivered right to their doorstep, so even if you can’t be there, they know you care.

If you’d like to hear more about the ways we can help your friends and loved ones feel a little better, contact Barbara’s today at 732-995-0497 and ask about our surgery gift basket, get well baskets for kids and adults, and more.

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