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cookie-0112-low-res-.jpgBarbara’s Cookie Pies also sells wholesale to bakeries , restaurants and other retailers. We make it easy for you to add Cookie Pies and Butter Cookies to your assortment. All products are prepared at a professional , licensed and certified bakery.

Call Barbara direct at 732-995-0497 or email Barbara at

Choose from our selection of :

Ready-to-Eat Cookie Pies  -  We make available our own recipe Cookie Pies in bulk   OR we can custom fill to your  exact specifications. Cookie Pies are a unique and popular addition to your current assortment of baked goods.

Cookie Pie Crusts –  We make it easy to create-your-own Cookie Pies with your own  special fillings and toppings. Just buy our pre-formed  par-baked  delicious  Butter Cookie Crusts in bulk  so you can create your own Cookie Pies . Great for bakeries, restaurants, caterers.

Cookie Pie Dough Disks –  Barbara’s Butter Cookie  Dough Disks are sheeted circles of raw  Butter Cookie dough so you  can create your own Cookie Pies from scratch. Just press the raw dough circles into a  Cookie Pie pan to  bake your own crust. This pre-formed dough is also great for pressing your own Butter Cookies. Dough disks save you all the work involved in making and sheeting authentic  Butter Cookie dough.

Cookie Dough (raw dough) in bulk-  Barbara’s famous Butter Cookie dough is available in bulk upon request. This recipe is great for baking your own Cookie Pies in any size or  your own Butter Cookies and saves you the work of mixing  the dough. 

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Cookie Dough Disks

Cookie Pie Crusts

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Ready to Eat

Cookie Dough in Bulk

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