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The Rise of Custom Cookies Online

Posted by Barbara on

There are countless ways to spread some happiness with gifts, and for hundreds of years, one of the most enduring time-honored traditions has been giving the gift of food. Today, people are turning to their smartphones and laptops to search find custom cookies online, and what they’re finding are ounces of creativity.

Message Cookies, Selfie Cookies, and Branded Cookies… Oh My!

Did you know the first fruitcake was baked by Fidelia Bates in 1878 and was kept within the family in Tecumseh, Michigan, until the time Jay Leno took a bite of it in front of TV audiences in 2003? We’ve come a long way in our edible gifts, so what are the hottest trends in today’s delectable delights? Cookies! Here are some of the most creative ways to share something sweet.

Message Cookies

When you want to say “I love you,” “Congrats,” “Thank You,” or even share a memorable inside joke, say it with message cookies. Customizable and available with edible print, these communicative cookies do the talking for you. Not only will they get the message loud and clear, but they’ll have a fresh, delicious treat to enjoy at the same time! Your messages can be combined with photos, and other imagery that complement the sentiment. Try to get as creative as possible!

Branded Cookies
With branded corporate cookies, one bite and your clients, employees, and partners will remember you. Your logo, corporate colors, icons, taglines, and any other brand elements can be directly imprinted with any design you choose. And with the most reputable companies selling custom cookies online, you will find no paper, no starchy textures, no peeling/ and no strange aftertastes. You’ll send a multi-sensory experience that’s sure to impress.

Selfie Cookies
Let’s be honest. How many selfies do you have on your smartphone? How many have shared on Facebook or Instagram? It’s time to put life’s favorite moments on a cookie. Selfie cookies are the edible way to share those images in a creative and delicious way! Like an image on Snapchat, your custom cookies will exist for a moment in time (and sometimes, a very short moment until you quickly start chomping!). You can even take a selfie with your cookie before you eat it!

Hashtag Cookies
These days, the best way to get longevity out of a message or moment is the use of a hashtag. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, wedding, birthday, company milestone, or family reunion, you can share the memories by imprinting a hashtag on some delicious cookies! Your hashtags can be completely customized based on the person or occasion, and they’re a great option for companies looking to get more marketing miles out of their message cookies. #welovehashtagcookies!

With so many options for selfie cookies, logo branded cookies, and more out there, there’s no reason not to sweeten up your gift giving with message cookies and treats! You’ll find something for everyone on your list with a wide variety of accompaniments – including customizable tins, assorted bundles, and gift boxes. All you have to do is click and they’ll arrive at the door!


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