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How to Make a Gift Stand Out

Posted by Barbara on

Birthdays, holidays, baby showers, condolences. There’s always a reason or a season to give. But what makes a gift stand out? The person that’s giving it? The gift itself? Actually, it’s both! And a personalized gift can put you above the rest. How?

  • You can say it your way. Gifts that include a personal message let you say exactly what you want to say. Many companies let you get super specific by printing a funny phrase directly on the gift or on the packaging it comes in.
  • It builds relationships. Personalized gifts enhance your connection with everyone from loved ones to friends to clients. They show you took the time to put thought into the gift rather than just choosing something anyone can buy.
  • You leave an impression. Any image or message on the gift or packaging is a lasting reminder of the person or business that gave it. A company logo, a throw-back photo, an inside joke. Whatever it is, the uniqueness will stick with them.

You know what else stands out? The chance to sit back and enjoy a delicious treat!

An edible gift is something everyone will enjoy. Just picture it … an assortment of ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies. A platter of chocolate-dipped pretzels or flavored popcorn. Or how about a giant fortune cookie with your own personalized message? If you can imagine it, it exists – and chances are it can be personalized, too! The best part? The person receiving your creative creation will enjoy it in more ways than one!

Isn’t it time you upped your gift-giving game?


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